The Effect of Team-Based Learning Coupled with Merrill’s First Principles of Instruction on the Achievement of Learning Objectives in Nursing Students


1 Department of Education, Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran, IR Iran

2 Allameh Tabatabaei University, Tehran, IR Iran

3 Kharazmi University, Tehran, IR Iran


Introduction Team-based learning is one of the methods concerned in medical education. Teaching and learning have some principles known as Merrill’s first principles that are a basis for effective education. This study examined the effect of using team-based learning combined with Merrill’s Principles on achieving learning objectives in nursing students. Methods This was a semi-experimental, applied research that used pretest-posttest design with a control group. The statistical population included all undergraduate students of Ardebil University of Medical Sciences, Meshkin Shahr campus, in 2015 - 2016. The sample group comprised a class of nursing students selected by convenience sampling method (n = 47). The subjects were divided into two groups of control (n = 23) and test (n = 24) using simple random allocation. A pretest was given to both groups prior to the implementation of the training. Then, the intended plan was executed for 5 weeks and at the end, a posttest was administered. The data were analyzed by applying covariance analysis test using SPSS version 20. Results The results showed that the learning objectives scores in the test group increased from 2.68 and 1.31 to 17.83 and 12.16 for remembrance and application levels, respectively, while the increments were not significant in the control group. In other words, there was a significant difference in the achievement of learning objectives between the test and control groups (P < 0.001), implying that the test group had better learning. Conclusions By using team-based learning combined with Merrill’s First Principles, we can improve learning objectives achievements.