Interdisciplinary Journal of Virtual Learning in Medical Sciences (IJVLMS) aims at promoting and enhancing the quality of e-learning in formal and non-formal education. Considering the multidisciplinary nature of technology-enhanced learning, IJVLMS  welcomes articles on e-learning and educational technologies across a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to medical sciences. 



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Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 4, December 2021 

Original Article

2. The Design Principles of 3D-Virtual Reality Learning Environment (3D-VRLE) in Science Education

Pages 238-249


Asma Yousuf Al-Amri; Mohamed Eltahir Osman; Ali Sharaf Al Musawi

4. Relationship between Computer Literacy and E-Readiness Among Students in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Pages 259-267


Rosa Rahavi Ezabadi; Samaneh sadat Khalilirad; somayeh farzaneh; Pari khalili Marandi

Brief Report

7. Transition of a Primary Care Fellowship to A Virtual Format: Lessons Learned

Pages 287-292


Jeffrey Schlaudecker; Daniel Hargraves; Shanna D. Stryker; Patrick Cafferty; Melissa Gottschlich; Megan Rich

Letter to the Editor

8. The Telephone Helpline of Persian Medicine: Social Accountability During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Pages 293-296


Fatemeh Eghbalian; Somayeh Delavari; Hoorieh Mohammadi Kenari

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