Health Literacy for Black Community Leaders Using “Responsible Hearts” Program Virtual and Onsite Educational Interventions in Three Colombian Municipalities

Document Type : Special Report


1 Collective Health, Nursing School, University of Antioquia Deputy Scientific Director Colombian Heart Foundation, Bogota Colombia

2 Colombian Heart Foundation. Bogota Colombia


Cardiovascular diseases are the number one killer worldwide, with 17.9 million deaths, and in Colombia, with 19,000 in the last quarter of 2022 (accounting for 30% of deaths). Despite healthcare services and educational programs, the epidemiology continues to grow steadily. Method 10 of Care as a Lifestyle, created by the Fundación Colombiana del Corazón (FCC) [Colombian Heart Foundation], aims to raise awareness to impact the perception of change and generate confidence to begin the pre-contemplation stage in peoples’ behavior, building a solid educational basis for introducing the concept of collective health to the community using simple and inclusive language, and adopting technological advances as a teaching medium. This refers to ludic and inspiring activities which help promote behavior change which aimed at building care into peoples’ lifestyles. The FCC proposes it as an apt pathway for preventing and/or reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease by directing their actions more precisely toward clinical and social risk factors.


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