Designing Medical Electronic Learning Programs Based on the Interactive Research-based Approach


1 Allame Tabatabaii University

2 Department of Educational Sciences, Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran, Iran


This study aims to investigate how effective interactive conditions can be met regarding education, learning, and web-based evaluation in medicine. Considering the two intellectual paradigms of situational learning and structuralism, the transfer of knowledge as learning, is less discussed. From the viewpoints of these psychological approaches, learning is considered as the creation of meaning in a cultural basis for the better understanding of the surround ding world which will lead to uncertainty. This learning occurs when teaching and learning activities happen in an interactive process between the participants in the learning environment and its set of instruments and facilities. In this article, electronic spaces such as multimedia and research-based interactive internet environments have been considered as the most effective learning environments based on the two mentioned approaches. Challenging environments involve and engage students in the learning activities. Other aspects of such electronic environments, especially the interactive web and research-based environment, are problem ownership, commitment and taking responsibility, and the relationship between goals and students' interest, and providing a suitable structure. Moreover, paying attention to complex learning environments, the role of social dialogues, considering a single subject from various viewpoints, and understanding the process of creating meaning are other features of a structural research-based electronic educational environment.