Main Factors of using Technology in the Educational Process in the Schools of Babol


Islamic Azad University


AbstractIntroduction: Communication and information technology has become one of the basic components of the modern society within a short time. Currently, understanding communication and information technology skills and concepts has been considered as part of the core education modalities in such societies. We aimed to identify the main factors for the application of technology in the process of school education using factor analysis.Material and Methods: In this descriptive survey, all 3381 teachers in Babol during academic year 1390-91 were recruited. 380 teachers were selected using the Krejcie and Morgan's table based on the stratified sampling method according to each academic term. To review the teachers' attitude in using technology in education, the Persian form of the attitude scale questionnaire regarding the application of technology in education was used. Factor analysis was used for data analysis.Results: Teachers use technology for twelve main factors the main factor is to prevent the waste of time.Conclusion: Information technology training in the teaching process plays an important role in enhancing the teachers' knowledge and functionality in using information technology.