The Relationship between the Use of Information and Communication Technology by Students and their Academic Performance at Behavioral and Social Sciences Faculties of Tehran University


Department of Education and Psychology, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran


Introduction: The adoption of information technology has revolutionized the educational programs. If properly used, this technology can offer a lot of opportunities to both the teachers and the learners. The aim of the present study was to identify the relationship between the use of information and communication technology by the student and their academic performance.Materials and Methods: The study population consisted of all students studying at Behavioral and Social Sciences Faculties. Using Cochran’s formula, we obtained a sample of 384 participants. An IT questionnaire was used to collect the research data. The research tool was validated using expert opinion and its reliability was found to be 94%.Results: The results of the study showed that students used IT averagely, and their academic performance was relatively desirable. A meaningful and positive relationship was found between the use of such software as word (p < 0.01, r= 0.25), PowerPoint (p < 0.01, r= 0.23), excel (p < 0.01, r= 0.15) , and other software (statistical analysis, graphics) (p < 0.01, r= 0.12) and E-mail (p < 0.01, r= 0.35), Search (p < 0.01, r= 0.29), and audio-visual communication chat (p < 0.01, r= 0/19) and the students’ academic performance. However, there was no correlation between the academic performance and the use of data base (access) and font page.Conclusion: It is suggested that the university courses be prepared and taught through ICT technologies. In addition, the infrastructure and cultural background for the use of ICT should be provided for all students, particularly the new ones.