A Scientific and Integrated Coaching Training Pathway to Accelerate HCV Eradication and Use of Telemedicine for Covid-19 Patients in 5 Local Health Units in Italy

Document Type : Special Report


1 CEO and Founder of Ipacs Institutional and Public Coaching Services, Salerno

2 Head of IPACS Scientific Commettee, Institutional and Public Coaching Services, Salerno


The experimentation of skills’ development and measurement 
tools for clinical innovation is presented in two case -studies 
concerning telemedicine and HCV eradication. 71 professionals 
from 5 Healthcare Units of Lazio region, Italy, were enrolled in an 
individual and team coaching course aimed at enhancing a core 
skill for “service design “competence, composed by 5 soft skills 
(communication, result orientation, emotional intelligence, conflict 
management, networking). The core skill “service design” and the 
use of the new techniques were measured at the beginning and at the 
end of the course (9 months), on which the Covid-19 emergency had 
an impact. The 19.4% of professionals improved all the 5 skills and 
reached the threshold of excellence, demonstrating the effectiveness 
of individual and team coaching, mentoring, experiential training, 
according to an objectively measurable structure and achieving the 
65% of the system target in a 6 months’ time, with 90 hours’ person 
-days allocated. 


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